1.5. From Upright Man to Metastatic Man

Years ago, 18 years ago in fact, I wrote a book entitled “Upright Man.” I was in the full midst of recovering from impotence. So I was naturally full of myself. I was going to celebrate the penis and offer ways for men to deal with and conquer impotence. I referred to the penis as one of nature’s greatest gifts; a veritable magic wand, ingeniously engineered to give pleasure, to get pleasure and to plant the seeds of future generations.
The penis is one of the strangest manifestations of the evolved male. Of course, the word, "evolved" as an adjective to man is a point of major discussion which I won't go into here.

From the moment the first man stood upright, the erect penis has been a sign of power. Just look at the cave paintings going back some 17,00 to 20,000 years ago. There's one particular one that shows a stick figure of a man facing a dead buffalo. The man's penis is erect.

The penis transcends its physiological functions and anatomical characteristics. It lives in myths, legends, dreams and fantasies.

There's not been much in man's conscious evolution to change that image. The penis continues to be the magnetic polestar, the fulcrum, support and mainstay of a man’s psyche. It has been praised, vilified, snickered about and hinted at; loved and hated, feared and revered, worshiped, envied and scorned. It’s a descriptor, noun, metaphor, synonym and symbol. 

Cancer, especially prostate cancer takes all that away. So where do I turn to replace my penis as the center of my power?  Actually metastatic cancer is beginning to move me from being a “dick” to being … to being “all that I can be.” I have been freed from my "dick" heritage. Cancer has freed me from the limited dictates of the penis.