1.7. Original Goodness

If you read the beginning of Genesis, God looked over what He had created and saw that it was "Good."

That is my Original Goodness. That was the gift inside me, inside every human being. That is the central core of a man, of a woman. As a man with metastatic cancer, I have been given the opportunity and freedom to begin to  use my condition to plumb the depths of myself and find that Original Goodness. 

Will I? I'm working at it.

I'm working at it with the belief that to find my true self, my Original Goodness is to make the circle of life complete. For me, the circle is not to accumulate wealth, possessions, friends, family ... although there is nothing wrong with that. For me the cancer has given me the opportunity to take the inward journey. 

That journey is not to separate myself from the world, but to find the essence - the consciousness - that is the energy sustaining not just the world, but the entire universe. And to find it in myself.

I have only one "conscious" recollection of my mother. She on a bed and throwing me up in the air and catching me. I am an infant. She is laughing and I am laughing. That was the joy my mother gave me. Perhaps it was enough, even more than enough. That joy has always remained in my heart. I know I started my life with joy. I expect to end with joy.

The Tantra says "What is here is elsewhere. What is not here is nowhere."