1.0 Who I Am

I’ve been a fortunate man. I’ve lived a good life, done exciting things and wound up with metastatic cancer. I’m writing about it because I have lots to say and hopefully will say it in an interesting and informative way. I am 77 and have spent the last 41 years writing. In the past 11 years I’ve gone from “Upright Man” to “Metastatic Man.” A huge chasm!

Before I get to that chasm … I was born in Brooklyn and was moved to Philadelphia when my mother died. I was 6. My father died when I was 12. My aunt, Bertha and her husband Fred, who had a junkyard, raised me. Started college, but didn’t like it. Quit after 2 months and joined the Army, (at the tail end of the Korean War), trained as a medic, wound up in the 82nd Airborne and got out of the service fully intact.


College, marriage, graduate school at New York University. With my wife,Theodora. drove my convertible VW from Holland to India to write my Ph.D. Never wrote it. Stayed in India 3 years working for the U.S. State Department in New Delhi. Partied most of the time and got to know a lot of "the right people." Became a Sihk. Declared “persona non grata” and asked to leave.


Returned to New York, opened an Indian art gallery on Madison Avenue, divorced, worked as a private eye, fell in love, fell out of love, fell in love, drove a cab, fell out of love. Drove a limo for a New York "Family." Spent years near a “spiritual retreat,” in Myrtle Beach, SC, opened a vegetable stand, fathered a son, washed dishes for a real “Bubba."



Moved to Northern California, drank wine, bartended, fell in love, hosted a local TV show: “Movies with Eugene,” fell out of love. 


Ran a wine club for a winery, fell in love, stayed in love, married my love, Renée, began importing Burgundy wines from France, started spending time in France and writing all the time – books, play, screenplays no one wanted to buy, but which gave me great pleasure. (See Lucretius about pleasure.)


I wrote Upright Man to answer the medical and psychological effects of my impotence. I am writing Metastatic Man to discuss how I am dealing with metastatic cancer. Metastatic cancer gave me a new prism to look at myself.


I hope to leave this world knowing who I am.

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