1.6. Renee

Enough about me for the moment. What about my wife, Renée? How has my cancer affected her? Renée has been with me through every twist and turn, through every hope and disappointment.

I cannot even begin to image what she has been going through. She never complains and says nothing about her concerns. Yes, we talk about treatment and diet and activities, but I do not know how my cancer has affected her. I try as best I can to make it easy for her, but being somewhat of a thoughtless man (isn’t that the real definition of a man?) I never speculate what my life would have been like had there been no Renée. That’s true about my life in general, but even more so my life with cancer.

Aside from doctors, cat scans, MRIs, bone scans, medications, alternative supplements, internet searching for answers, Renée is constantly living with someone (me) who has cancer. Renée has been there every step of the way.

Getting caught up in the “drama” of my disease (La Traviata style) I sometimes forget about Renée and the people who care about me; their feelings and how complicated my cancer is for her and them. Every once in a while, I remember she is there and thank her. Her answer has always been three words: “I love you.”

So instead of me speaking for her, I am asking her to write it herself.